It’s no secret that the music industry (like most industries) has historically been dominated by men. In our largely misogynistic and patriarchal society, it’s easy to completely overlook female musicians, or even worse—to compliment them with the tired old adage, “she’s good for a girl!” I personally have had enough of that bullsh*t. There are so many immensely talented instrumentalists who have inspired me that deserve recognition—not only as songwriters and artists, but as guitar players in their own right. So, here is my (admittedly hipster) insight into some sick female artists you should be listening to RIGHT NOW.

I was eleven years old in the boiler room of my parents’ house, digging through holiday decorations, old ceramic pieces my mom had hand-crafted and fired, and bins of my childhood clothing, when I broke through to three shelves full of crates. As I climbed my way through the clutter, I realized they were filled to the brim with vinyl records. I jetted upstairs and dragged my mom from her lazy chair by the hand, giddily professing that I found hidden treasure in the basement. That evening, she went through the bins with me one by one and hand selected the records that had been important to her in her early twenties, and handed them to me with delicate care.


“Los Angeles singer-songwriter Leah Capelle is quickly becoming something of a hot commodity, her music trending for its liberating focus on women's rights, body positivity, and self-empowerment and understanding. "Settle Down" is the latest in the artist's catalog and certainly follows the powerful path that she's already been paving. The song lilts into what begins more as a more of a gently arranged ballad than her previous single, "Docs", but bursts into a breakneck rock bridge as Capelle is embattled by the haze of society's stereotypical expectations.”

PopMatters (Premiere)

“‘Settle Down’ is an expertly composed pop/rock ballad with a mission. As the song transitions from a late 80s vibe into an anthemic rock breakdown, we feel all the pain and questioning within Capelle. The ‘Settle Down’ video portrays the aching helplessness and disillusionment that Capelle and many others have felt too often. The video is truly a heart-wrenching, gorgeously executed piece of art where we see Capelle at her most vulnerable yet.”

Spindle Magazine

“There are some music video and song pairings that are stronger than others. In the strongest cases, the music video almost becomes required viewing alongside the song. Leah Capelle’s “Settle Down” is one of those combinations.”

Substream Magazine

“…a dauntless feminist ballad exploring identity, acceptance, and empowerment. We see Capelle completely vulnerable and exposed while also carrying a weight on her - a myriad of paint colors symbolizing societal projections and expectations placed mainly on women.”

The Prelude Press

“When songwriters like Leah give these creations to the world, this is often their goal, but they can’t really predict whether or not their listeners will identify with or understand their struggles. They just release their songs and hope. Capelle took this leap with her song “Settle Down”, and it’s safe to say it resonated with me and – I imagine – many others. If I had to describe this song… I would say it’s the perfect song to blast in your car, windows open, and the sun setting, but you must be alone and you must be sad (listening to sad songs to make yourself sadder is a rite of passage right?)… So you’ve finished the song. I know you were crying (don’t lie to me). Here’s what you do next: Clean up your used tissues. Wipe off that smeared mascara. Grab a paintbrush, a pen, a guitar, a sketchbook, whatever you need. Start creating. Be your own Leah Capelle. Settle down and get vulnerable. You will get better.”

Two Story Melody

“Leah Capelle is fearless. Her songs recent songs "Docs" and "Settle Down" show that she isn't worried about putting feminism into her music, and that's something we can get behind. Leah is honest with her experience and there's nothing holding her back.” [Excerpt from full interview.]

The New Nine

“Using her whole body as a paint brush, she immerses the once-white background with blues, greens, reds, and yellows… It’s like watching Jackson Pollock in his prime. Yet at the video’s end, Capelle is nude again – naked and alone, with no colors to shield her from the outside world. “Settle Down” is a very many things, but at its core, this song of vulnerability reminds us that we are all we need, and that it’s okay if we sometimes don’t feel like we’re enough: The truth is that we are, and whether we’re full of color of stripped bare doesn’t change that fact.”

Atwood Magazine - Editor’s Picks

“The video for “Settle Down” is captivating; an artistic depiction of pain and vulnerability pairing perfectly with Capelle’s lyrics.” [Excerpt from full interview.]

The Women’s International Music Network


“Giants is a giant EP, full of aesthetic grace and captivating harmonic textures, while Leah Capelle's voice provides the yummy icing on the musical cake.”

Popdust (Premiere)

“There are things you come to expect from singer-songwriters yet, the soundscapes contained within Leah Capelle’s 2018 EP certainly aren’t amongst them. Each of the five tracks received a perfect polish until they resounded with a sublimely raucous concordant kick. Under the stylishly slick production lays Leah Capelle’s unflinchingly empowered soaring vocals, sludgy yet light instrumental progressions and some of the rawest lyrics you could ever care to hear. The LA-based artist’s unique style blends Alt Pop, with elements of Folk and Rock to compose a sound which bridges the gap between your contemporary Pop icons and Rock deities.”

A&R Factory

“A star has been born. A legacy has been birthed. A unique person has been given to earth and Leah Capelle is just that artist that seems to get what it means to give her all!” 

Skope Mag

“To say that Leah Capelle writes merely pop music is to do her an injustice. Yes, her music shares the same values, infectious, straightforward, relatable, but there is an honesty and maturity that goes beyond what most of the genre has to offer and that is exactly why she is going to be around for a long time to come.”

Dancing About Architecture

“Leah Capelle sculpts an entire universe, one that feels so vibrant and real.”

Beach Sloth

“If you don’t feel motivated to live life free after listening to this song, you may need to get a doctor to check and see if you have a pulse.”

The Ratings Game


"Cheerfully ironic and ruthlessly driving, “Docs” is a reminder of what really matters most – and it isn’t those new shoes." 

Atwood Magazine (Premiere)

"[Capelle] brings an alternative twist to typical indie pop tropes with her bare-all writing style. Her latest, "Docs," proves how endearing, attractive, and upbeat vulnerability can be when done right."


"After her highly acclaimed “Joshua EP”, this alt pop rock artist out of LA continues to blast through the vibe of such kick-butt artists like Chrissie Hynde, The Breeders, and Joan Jett with a ahhhh-segment The Beach Boys would kill for. She’s got staying power thanks to her upfront melodies."

That Eric Alper

"A relatable song that will surely pull on the heartstrings of anyone whose struggled with insecurities or tried to make their way into a new crowd of peers... With a serene vocal presence, a contemporary songwriting skill-set, and a dynamic live band and producers working behind the scenes, Leah Capelle is a star on the rise."

Laundry Day Records

"Attacking the issue with an uplifting sound bed featuring a catchy guitar riff, beautifully toned guitar accents, hard hitting drums that lock in the groove, and a powerful performance from Capelle... Unless you’ve been living on a completely different planet or in a dimension where you don’t need material things, you’re going to resonate with the substance inside this song."

Middle Tennessee Music

"Capelle’s honesty is the foundation of her songwriting talent..."

Warlock Asylum

"The perfect song for a young generation that deals with insecurities on a day to day basis, “Docs” has such a massive potential appeal. Millennials can love the song because it hits home for them, speaking to the experiences of so many. The older generation can love if for its vintage sound and feel... It’s very raw and direct, which is the perfect musical approach to the lyrical message. It takes a special artist to be able to connect to people on an interpersonal level, but Leah Capelle does an excellent job of reaching out to those struggling with insecurities, and offering her story as a source of hope adds a special and unique touch to the overall sense of being something greater than 'just a song.'"


"We have all done it, dressed a certain way, said the right things, socialized in the right places, just to try and deal with inherent securities and all the while thinking, “This isn’t actually who I am, this doesn’t make me happy.” And so there is only one thing to do, shed that skin, dispense with the things that in the past you felt compelled to do and just be yourself... As always Leah wraps her song in a brilliant pop-rock package, and if previous single Joshua leant more to her pop side of that blend, Docs introduces grittier rock elements, solid riffs and a rawer vibe. As I have observed before Leah Capelle pops better than most commercial acts around today and this time out we are left in no doubt that she can deliver a rock groove just as brilliantly."

Dancing About Architecture

"It’s beautiful when music can lead you to think critically and evaluate yourself, even if it isn’t the most fun thing- sometimes you need a firm kick in the right direction, and “Docs” can be exactly what you need. If you’re looking for a good song that is perfect to sing along with, this is great. If you’re one to over analyze yourself, then “Docs” is also the song for you. Honestly, I’d recommend this song to anyone. Leah Capelle has a beautiful sound and a way with words that I look forward to experiencing more of in the future!"

Music Industry News Network

"With “Docs” Leah Capelle captures the anguish that comes with trying to define oneself, to truly discover and embrace an identity."

Beach Sloth



"Ultimately a song about hope, Better Off is an emotional ride to the listeners who are sharing in the journey of the performing pair."

Skope Mag

"What we love about this track, though, is that with a live performance you can hear just how naturally gifted she is. There’s no studio magic or hidden layers here. It’s just pure beauty, coming from a heart that seems to be humble and full of a rich harmony. The song is about moving on, but some of us are just finding you."

Ear to the Ground Music

"Whether you’re watching the video for “Better Off” or listening to it straight-up, Leah Capelle and Hayley Brownell put in such an incredibly memorable moment in time on this new single that no matter how you take it in, you’ll be satisfied & then some. That being said, sometimes a video can really speak volumes for a song…and this one does.  Right from the moment it begins, you can see the bond that exists between Hayley and Leah immediately onscreen and tell that it’s genuine.  You can visibly see each other want this moment to be as magical and successful as it becomes, and I think that largely the reason it does is because of that unity and harmony between them."

Sleeping Bag Studios

"Leah’s powerful lead vocals are matched by Hayley’s perfectly placed harmony for a sound that penetrates deep into your senses. Don’t be surprised if you need a tissue; tears are possible."

Middle Tennessee Music

"Emotionally rich, the resonant quality of the track rests within its unbridled spirit, how the cyclical nature further reinforces their message."

Beach Sloth

"It is a gloriously understated song, built on beautiful and passionate joint harmonies and a simple guitar line to root the whole thing down. We know that Leah is totally at home at the centre of a storm of sonic textures, layered instrumentation and big impactful sounds, so it is great to see that she, or should I say they, can make such emotive minimalism hit the listener with just as much force. Never understate the power of understatement."

Dancing About Architecture

"Capelle’s vocals are not only enchanting but mimic the resolve needed to move forward from a union that is no longer healthy. Brownell provides perfect accompanying vocals and a nice acoustic guitar performance. This brilliant collaboration of vocals and acoustic guitar work effectively with the song’s theme of baring our souls in facing the reality of what is best for us. Better Off is Leah Capelle’s proof that the grass is greener on the other side." // WINNER of Warlock Asylums Song of the Year Award 2018

Warlock Asylum

a few Reviews of the 'JOshua' EP

"She’s a world class vocal talent, but the story thankfully doesn’t end there. Capelle, as well, is an extraordinarily and often surprising songwriter who balances disparate musical elements with cool confidence and a steady artistic hand capable of pulling it off. Her songs never lapse into bathos; instead, they burn with a white-hot approachable glow that marks them as flesh and blood outpourings from a true performing artist. She’s a great singer, charismatic performer, multi-talented musician, and an impressive songwriter. Joshua shows off the full breadth of her gifts in the best possible fashion."

Indie Music Review

"Capelle’s songwriting talents cover every base and have a depth outstripping many of her contemporaries working the same style. She’s quite gifted with the ability to embody each line of the songs and never settles for an uniform vocal approach – rarely does she sing a refrain the same way twice and her phrasing often takes compelling twists. Joshua is the work of a consummate performer and singer/songwriter."

Gashouse Radio

"Her ability to get under the skin of a song is nearly unparalleled in our modern musical scene..."


"'Joshua' draws blood, despite its immense stylishness and is a well-rounded band performance the likes of which we rarely hear from an established solo artist. 'Out Now' is equally a band performance, but Capelle’s songwriting is the star here to a certain extent. She’s constructed this song, with the aid of her fellow musicians, with a tremendous amount of patience and attention to detail. The verses are particularly evocative and never push too hard on the listeners before ascending into a skyward-reaching chorus... 'Who I Am' might suggest some sort of clichéd 'I am songwriter, hear me roar' final curtain common to this genre, but Capelle is too good for that. Instead, she takes those expectations and turns them on their head with a well written lyric that her audience will relate to and takes some unexpected turns."


a few Reviews of the 'LEAH CAPELLE' Self-Titled EP

“…a voice that carries the sorrow, heartbreak and wisdom that comes with age and experience.”

Lip Mag

"It’s very difficult to write a good pop hook; I’d even debate that hook writing is an entire art of its own. Capelle has nailed that art."


"She sings with a type of conviction and truth that a listener who’s never experience a break up could find relatable. That’s the testament to the singer-songwriter’s self-titled EP. From her ballads to her pop-friendly tunes, Capelle is a force to be reckoned with in the folk/pop/indie world...hits home runs here when talking straight from the heart, whether it’s in a good mood or broken in a million and one pieces. File this under immediate listen."