"In many ways, 'driving in the rain' perfectly describes Leah Capelle: there are thunderclaps of excitement in every track, but the EP is also saturated with a familiar-feeling folksiness that, much like walls to hold back a torrential downpour, wraps up the listener in comforting warmth... It’s welcoming, beautiful, and utterly enjoyable.  The harmonies are thicker than molasses, the singing is powerfully lovely, and every track drips with careful construction.  Everything in Leah Capelle works the way it’s meant to, and fans of acoustic music owe it to themselves to give it a try."

Josh Zimmerman - The Jailhouse

“…a voice that carries the sorrow, heartbreak and wisdom that comes with age and experience.”

Lip Mag

“Super talented….stunning. There is so much going on underneath the instrumentation, layers and acoustic solos trading off like a call and response…Everything you hear you are supposed to hear in that moment. And it is perfectly mixed.”


“…great voice and vocal range, a gift for songwriting, a self-assured stage presence and a versatile instrumental approach, moving easily between piano and acoustic guitar. In an American Idol influenced world where lesser talents quickly come and go, Leah looks like she is in for the long haul given the proper career direction and the 'breaks' that everybody needs to make it.”

Greg Easterling [Radio Personality, WDRV 97.1 The Drive (Chicago)]

"Leah Capelle's self-titled EP has the stretch your soul needs to lie across the spring green grassy hill as the sun sets and your soul melts into the roots of Leah Capelle's music. Her posture in vocal range and powerful indie pop places her on the list of new artists to watch for."

Music Emissions

"It’s very difficult to write a good pop hook; I’d even debate that hook writing is an entire art of its own. Capelle has nailed that art."


"Leah Capelle is a young artist with a lot of talent and she seems to be moving onto a fairly high trajectory."

Rock N' Roll View

"She sings with a type of conviction and truth that a listener who’s never experience a break up could find relatable. That’s the testament to the singer-songwriter’s self-titled EP. From her ballads to her pop-friendly tunes, Capelle is a force to be reckoned with in the folk/pop/indie world...hits home runs here when talking straight from the heart, whether it’s in a good mood or broken in a million and one pieces. File this under immediate listen."