I would like to be super real with you all...

Over the last two months, I've become increasingly hesitant to post or publish anything to any social media platform because I feel obsession, exhaustion, and anxiety when I do.

'How many likes will this get? Are others paying attention to me? Do I look cool/hip/hot/mysterious/etc?'

This sort of behavior is not only tiring, but extremely detrimental to how I value my self worth and I've taken a pretty serious break from it. I deleted all the apps off my phone, limited the number of times I check social media at all to once every few days, and have turned my phone and computer off for hours at a time. And to be honest, I found myself to be a much happier being!

As a person in entertainment, this lack of desire to be active on my socials is extremely counter productive, because to grow and maintain my fans (that's you!) I have to constantly put out content -- new pictures, videos, and updates on my life (both professional and personal) on a rigorous and time consuming basis. While I understand the need for this sort of thing, I am trying to find a balance between keeping everyone updated and actually living and experiencing my life.

I appreciate your patience, support, and love for my band and my music as we navigate this insane industry, and thank you for sticking with me. I will try to be more consistent in communicating with you all through the socials because I really do fucking love you guys.

Here is a 'cool' picture of me and a 'less cool' picture of me. (Balance)

xx L