// I'm not the one you think you need, that's why you want me \\

To my friends and friends I've never met before!

I am excited to announce that we've started production on my next project. November 4th was our first day in the studio and I could not be more excited for this next step. We started off tracking drums and bass at Robert Irving Studios in Woodland Hills. It was so awesome to have the band all together working on this EP!

The songs that will be on this next project will include a song I co-wrote with the amazingly talented Arden Kaywin, and a song I had the best time writing with Pam Sheyne and Jeff Bova (who produced the last project and will be the executive producer of this one.)

I will be posting photos and videos throughout the process so you can all catch a glimpse of what's happening behind the scenes. Can't wait to show you what we're working on!

xoxo L